Crystal Pen picking up Rhinestones Gems Sticky Wax Pencil


The rhinestone picking tools are designed in 2 different heads, the wax tip is for picking up rhinestones and the other stainless steel tip is for pressing the rhinestones to stay put. The rhinestone dotting pen is about 5 7/8 inches in length, the perfect size for a comfortable grip, and is convenient to use.

The jewelry catcher consists of a transparent pen holder filled with colored diamonds. Four different brightly colored wax pens are pretty decorations wherever they are placed.

Ideal for manicure work: these nail pens work well and are easy to apply, suitable for nail art students or professionals at home or professional use.


  • Type: Tool Sets
  • Type of Wholesale: No
  • Material: Glass
  • Set Type: Yes
  • the purpose for: picking up crystals&beads
  • Material: wax head, stainless steel tip, crystal handle