Elastic Face Slimming Bandage V Line Face Shaper


 Purpose: for men and women. Squeeze your face, neck, and chin to show off an unparalleled youthful appearance. It does not take the load on the ear in the three-dimensional structure to fit the chin, you can massage without difficulty. Lift the cheek on the double waist belt, lift the loose part of the lower jaw.

Impressive effect: The effective V-shaped lifting mask works well. Use contour masking technology to tighten sagging skin, smooth signs of ageing, and live confidently. ​The bandage makes the skin elastic and healthy. The chin lift mask promotes youthful and firm skin.

Efficacy: Hypoallergenic V lifting patch The soft and comfortable noodle strip material can be applied to all skin types. After a few minutes, you will see a visibly harder jawline. Regular use of the V mask can achieve long-lasting results. 


  • Power Source: None
  • type: Face Slimming Strap