Foot Files USB Rechargeable Foot Skin Care Tool


 Safe and Comfortable: Our electric foot file has a protection set, if you press too hard on your skin, it will stop rotating to protect your skin. And these 2-speed pedicure power tools: 1 slow speed for daily foot care; 1 fast speed to remove dead skin, which is more comfortable for your soft foot skin.

Fast USB Rechargeable: Our pedicure power tools have a 1500mAh rechargeable battery, the capacity of this electric foot file is 50% that others, it only needs to charge for 3-5 hours and use 1-2 hours.

MODERN AND COMFORTABLE LOOK: This electric foot file is designed with an ergonomic handle with a modern look. Our electric foot file is also made with silicone material protective sleeve, more comfortable for your foot file, it is easy to clean and not easy to scratch.

Refillable Rollers: Our electric foot file rollers are made of high quality and durable mineral materials to last longer than other pedicure tools, and can also be recharged, it is more convenient to exchange and ensure you save time cleaning the file electric foot. 


  • Type: Hand Foot File
  • Item Type: Foot Care Tool
  • Power Source: None Electric