Magic Self Adhesive Long Lasting Lashes Eyeliner


Magic Lash Liner Set: This diamond eyeliner holds your lashes firmly, and you can wear these magnetic lashes with our magic eyeliner instead of glue or magnetic eyeliner for a more natural look. The eyelash glue kit contains 2 deluxe eyeliners, which can fix lashes more firmly than normal magnetic eyeliner. Do not forget to close the lid after use to prevent it from drying out.

Long-lasting Waterproof: Our eyeliner has a very fine tip, which makes it easy to draw smooth and different effects of the eyeliner. Waterproof, non-stick, smooth, quick-drying, long-lasting for one day.

Safe and smooth lines: The eyeliner can draw smooth lines, with safe ingredients, without magnetism, or glue, to avoid falling into the eyes and ageing of the eye skin and causing damage. Furthermore, our lashes are 100% cruelty-free, and we strongly oppose any experiment. 


  • Formulation: Pencil
  • Type: Eyeliner
  • Size: 139x17mmSize